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A restaurant business is an intense insurance risk. A realistic plan to reduce your risk coupled with insurance protection can help keep your dream a safe investment.

Kitchen Fires

Prevention is your best safeguard! Be sure that you have appropriate fire suppression systems in place and maintained. Insurance companies typically require that your heat producing cooking equipment, particularly grease sources (fryers, grills, ranges), have a fire suppression system and vent hood overhead. Grease presents a high risk of both starting a fire and fueling a fire started from another source.

Slip & Fall Lawsuits

While having a customer slip and fall is a risk for any business open to the public, restaurants are at particular risk because of the large number of customer visits and the added hazard of food spills. General Liability Insurance protection is critical for your risk to the public.

Food Related Lawsuits

Restaurant owners can be sued after a customer becomes ill after eating and contracting a food borne illness. Safe handling of food is an important priority for any restaurant. There are no short-cuts in safe food handling. Know your food product sources. Keep your food inventory fresh by ordering sensibly and discarding any food approaching expiration.

Liquor Liability

If you serve beer, wine or other liquor, be sure you are protected from lawsuits resulting from alcohol-related incidents. Don’t risk you Liquor License or a lawsuit by serving intoxicated or under-aged patrons. Be sure to include Liquor Liability coverage in your insurance policy.

Property Risks

Operating a restaurant often includes considerable equipment, building improvements and food stock. Adequate property insurance protection is critical and may also be required by your lease. Visualize what it would take to restore your restaurant after a major fire. Be sure to include the lease improvements to restore your space, the kitchen equipment & built-ins, tableware and food stocks.

Employee Injury Lawsuits

A food establishment is very much a people driven business. Your hired help is your biggest asset and one of your biggest lawsuit risks. Food preparation has some inherent hazards for employee injuries. Minimize the kitchen risks with appropriate training and safety appliances. Another typical injury for employees in food service establishments is slipping and falling. Worker’s Compensation Insurance is critical liability protection for any employer. The added risks of working in a restaurant environment increase the need for this protection. Risk reduction is also an important strategy


Prevention is your best insurance in the restaurant business! Understand the special risks that you have as a restaurant owner and do what you can to reduce them.